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Summer 2006 (old) catalog:

The primary focus of this project is to supply these publications to community libraries and to other rebels who are going to reproduce and disseminate them in their local area. We spread words of liberation in mediums easily reproducible by anyone.

ORDERING: - This distro is not a business. Prices vary depending on your situation and what you are doing with the literature - but they are generally very low, just allowing us to recover our basic costs.
To 'order', send us a list of either the specific titles and quantities you are requesting, or just a general idea of the topics you are most interested in; and if you are willing to, tell us a bit about your project or your intentions for the literature. We will get back to you soon as we're able.

All pamphlets are free to prisoners, and we have an edited list to be sent in to prisons that's more likely to make it past the screws.

PDF FILES ARE NOW AVAILABLE! - Anyone in any city in the world can print out their own first-generation master copies and hand them out to their friends. While there are obvious advantages to digitizing our work, we proceed with hesitancy, for there is a great qualitative loss in the conversion of ideas and human expression in to data. With the introduction of any new technology comes greater efficiency - however, much is forefitted in terms of meaningfulness, quality and relationship. This is not a tradeoff that we should take lightly. When someone obtains these writings from the internet, there is no context, and context is at least as important as content. What does it mean that many young people now develop their revolutionary theory and strategy from reading articles on the web, rather than from discussions and experiences face-to-face with an informal network of friends, comrades, strangers?

Making electronic versions of these pamphlets available is meant to increase and enable, not replace, the distribution of tangible paper copies of them. So, print the booklets out and make copies to share, start a reading group, add copies to the shelves of your local infoshop or community library.

May 2006

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All PDF documents are quality master files, (not sloppily scanned low-resolution garbage) except where otherwise noted.

Please email us about serious formatting and typing errors in any of these documents, broken links, etc.

Re-publish and appropriate at will. If you are the author or editor of one of these publications and for some reason or another you would like us to take down the PDF file of your project, email and let us know.

See the technical notes and recommendations page if you need basic instructions on using the digital files. The short of it is that an imposed PDF is what you use for printing, and a 'PDF for reading' is for viewing on screen.

Analysis & Theory

NOTE: Writings such as these can be seen as earnest yet inherently limited attempts at communicating. You musn't just read them, so much as enter in to dialogue with them, starting from the basis of your own experiences and feelings and seeing where they connect with those of others'. Every true revolutionary knows that communication is not a matter of talking, but rather acting together.

(EE: Elephant Editions, VBP: Venomous Butterfly Publications)

Against the Logic of Submission (Wolfi Landstreicher - VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Anti-History: An Indigenous Anti-Capitalist Analysis (Zig-Zag)
Anti-Semitism and the Beirut Pogrom (Fredy Perlman / Black & Red)
Anarchist Organization and the Insurrectional Project (Tension collective)
the Anarchist Tension (Alfredo Bonanno / EE) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading  |  consecutive PDF ]
Animal Liberation: Devastate to liberate? Or devastatingly liberal? - [ view text ]
Armed Joy (Alfredo Bonanno - EE)
At Daggers Drawn With The Existent, Its Defenders, And Its False Critics (EE) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading  |  view text online ]
Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention (Wolfi Landstreicher) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Caught in the Web of Deception: Anarchists and the Media (VBP) - [ imposed PDF ]
the Continuing Appeal of Nationalism (Fredy Perlman / Black and Red)
Contributions to the Revolutionary Struggle (Ratgeb AKA Raoul Vanigem) - [ poorly laid-out PDF ]
A Critical Discussion on the Role of Activism (Andrew X, J. Kellstadt, Sasha K.)
Critical Thinking as an Anarchist Weapon (Wolfi Landstreicher - VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Disarm Authority, Arm Your Desires! (CAL Press) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading  |  view text ]
Down With the Empire, Up With the Spring! - The Four Tasks (from Do or Die) - [ imposed 27mb PDF  |  view text online ]
Endless War - Anarchist antimilitarism and the "war on terrorism" (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Feral Revolution (Feral Faun) - [ pdf  |  view text online ]
Fire to the Powder Keg - War and Social Guerilla Struggle in Iraq (Eberhardt Press) - [ consecutive low-rez PDF ]
From Politics to Life - ridding anarchy of the leftist millstone - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
The Fullness Of A Struggle Without Adjectives (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Industrial Domestication: Industry As the Origins of Modern Domination - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading  |  view text ]
Instead Of A Meeting - anarchist primer (Lawrence Jarach) - [ read text online ]
the Insurrectional Project (Alfredo Bonanno - EE) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading ]
Insurrectionary Anarchy: Organizing For Attack! (primer from Do Or Die) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading ]
An Introduction to the Situationists - J.D. Matthews - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading  |  RTF doc ]
the Network of Domination (Wolfi Landstreicher) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
On Behalf of the Barbarians (Bleu Marin/ VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
On Sabotage as One of the Fine Arts (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
The Question of Organization (from "Insurrection") - [ imposed PDF ]
The Reproduction of Daily Life (Fredy Perlman/ Black & Red) - [ imposed PDF (euro-paper size!) ]
Revolutionary Self-Theory (Spectacular Times)
Revolutionary Solidarity (new US edition) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading ]
Society of the Spectacle (Guy Debord, Ken Knabb translation) - [ imposed PDF ]
Some Notes On Insurrectionary Anarchism (Sasha K.) - [ PDF ]
Summits, Counter-Summits and Social War (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
This is What Democracy Looks Like (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
To The Wanderers - on the current uprooting of the dispossessed (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
The Undesirables: Class Struggle at the Turn of the 21st Century - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc  |  consecutive PDF ]
Which War - A one shot publication of social reconnaissance - by some internal enemies - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Writings of the Vancouver Five

Journals / Publications

325 - current issue
A Murder of Crows - #1 - March 2006
Abolishing the Borders from Below - current (#21 & #22) (back issues available)
Black Dog - Selections from the Italian Anarchist Weekly Canenero (published by VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Black Star North #1, #2, #3
Communicating Vessels - current (back issues available)
Insurrection (Jean Weir's magazine from the 80's) #1-6, photocopied
Killing King Abacus #1, #2
Live Wild Or Die! #8
Olympic Resistance - Issue #1 - March 2006 (4 page bulliten from Vancouver, BC)
Strong Hearts #1-4
This Time We Fight Back! #1
Willful Disobedience:

Selections from Vol. 1 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Selections from Vol. 2 issues #1-6 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Selections from Vol. 2 issues #7-9 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Selections from Vol. 2 issues #10-12 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Selections from Vol. #3 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Selections from Vol. #4 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Volume 5, issue #1 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Volume 5, issue #2 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Volume 5, issue #3 - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]

Poetry & Literature

Dreams Of Insurrection
the Flowers of Harm #2
the Rebel's Dark Laughter (Bruno Fillipi) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Revolutionary Letters (Diane DiPrima)
Toward the Creative Nothing (Renzo Novatore) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]

Prisoner Support & Prisoner Writings

Anarchist Black Cross - Information and Resources 2002 (ABCN) - [ PDF ]
The Defiant: Prisoners In The Global Resistance (Rob Los Ricos / APLAN)
If It Was Easy, They Wouldn't Call It Struggle (Mark Barnsley)
Manufacturing Dissent (Rob Los Ricos)
The Marini Trial (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
The Prison Within The Prison - resistance to the FIES isolation units in Spain (Brighton ABC) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading ]
Prisoner Survival, Prisoner Support
Survivors Manual - survival in solitary - (a manual by and for people living in control units)
A Guide to Writing to Prisoners (flyer) - [ PDF ]

Direct Action & Sabotage

Attacking Prisons at the Point of Production (Green Anarchy)
Bash The Fash - Anti-Fascist Recollections 1984-93 (KSL)
Communiques from Anti-Genetix Action Jul. 28, 1999 - Jan. 20, 2000
Dont Back Down! (street tactics)
Interviews With Animal Liberation Front Activists
Memories Of Freedom - by the Western Wildlife Unit of the ALF - [ imposed PDF ]
My First Little Book of GM Crop Decontamination - [ imposed PDF  |  imposed A4 PDFd ]

Security, Surveillance, and Technologies of Repression

Cell Phones Suck - An Argument Against the use of Cellular Technology - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading ]
Grand Jury Investigations, FBI Harassment, and "Your Rights" (from No Compromise) - [ scanned imposed 8.4mb PDF ]
Non-Lethal Disabling Weapons (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading  |  MS Word doc ]
Policing On The Global Scale (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  consecutive PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Security Culture Primer
Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance (When Their Eyes Are On You)
Underground Railroad: "practical advice for finding passengers, getting them to safety, and..."
Without A Trace - A Forensics Manual for You and Me

Social Struggles - reports, analysis and stories

Albania: Laboratory of Subversion (EE) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading  |  MS Word doc ]
The Angry Brigade - Communiques, Documents, & Chronology (Elephant Editions)
A Commune In Chiapas? - Mexico and the Zapatista Rebellion (Aufheben)
FAWDA - On the Situation in Palestine (VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
Genoa Is Everywhere - anarchist analysis of the G8 summits (VBP complation) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
The Luddites' War on Industry - A story of machine smashing and spies (from DOD #6)
No State Solution - a jewish-anarchist perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict
Strange Victories: The Anti-Nuclear Movement in the US and Europe (Elephant Editions)
The Rebellion in Los Angeles: The context of a proletarian uprising (Aufheben) - [ imposed PDF ]
A War Nearby - An analysis of the situation in the Balkans (Lope Vargas / VBP) - [ imposed PDF  |  MS Word doc ]
"We Are All Hooligans" - Youth Revolt in France, March 1994 (Firestarter) - [ imposed PDF ]
25 Years On The MOVE
You Cannot Kill Us, We're Already Dead - Algeria's Ongoing Popular Uprising (Firestarter) - [ PDF ]
Solidarity South Pacific (for active solidarity with indigenous and radical ecological struggles in the Pacific.)

packet of all materials, including:
Solidarity South Pacific Newsletter #1 Summer 2003
Solidarity South Pacific Newsletter #2 Spring 2004
Solidarity South Pacific Newsletter #3 2005/06
South Pacific Solidarity (intro from DOD)
West Papua Action Update #1 November 1999
West Papua Action Update #2 July 2001
From Mactan to the Mining Act (Philippines)
Just Leave Us Alone! A letter from a Papuan Tribesman
Mamberamo Madness - Progress and Resistance in West Papua
Rumble In The Jungle - Fighting For Freedom In West Papua
Pawa na Pipel!

[ PDF's for all these (and more) SSP publications can be downloaded here. ]

Indigenous Resistance

Black Mesa, AZ info sheet - [ PDF ]
Black Mesa, AZ: The Struggle Continues (2006 update leaflet) - [ PDF ]
Five Hundred Years Of Indigenous Resistance (Gord Hill / Arm the Spirit) - [ read text  |  scanned imposed 13.5mb PDF ]
SUTIKALH: It Takes A Whole Community to Stop A Ski Resort! (four page summary by Zig-Zag, Fall 2002) - [ pdf  |  alternate ]
Transformers - comix by Zig Zag - [ imposed PDF ]
ZULU - single sheet comic by Zig Zag - [ imposed PDF ]
Wii'nimkiikaa - revoutionary indigenous resistance - issue 1 (June 2004) and issue 2 (July 2005) - [ project homepage ]

Emotional Health, Relationships and Community

Infinite Relationships (short piece from Inside Front) - [ crappy scanned imposed PDF ]
Mine: An Anthology of Women's Choices
Pieces Of Self - essays on Anarchy, Gender, and Civilization - [ imposed PDF ]
This Is Me Using My Choice
Thoughts About Community Support Around Intimate Violence - [ consecutive PDF  |  disordered MS Word doc ]

Alternative & Women's Health

Fertility Awareness for Non-Invasive Birth Control
Hot Pantz: Do It Yourself Gynecology
Jane: Documents from Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973 - [ imposed PDF ]
Herbal Abortion - A Woman's D.I.Y. Guide (Godhaven Ink)
Herbal Abortion - The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (Uni M. Tiamat)
Men's Sexual and Reproductive Health (just a flyer for now) - [ pdf ]
Witches, Nurses & Midwives: A History of Women Healers (Barbara Ehenreich & Deirdre English)
Wives' Tales

DIY How-to guides, Practical Skills, Travel Stories & Misc.

Beyond Agriculture
Capturing Heat - Five Earth-Friendly Cooking Technologies and How to Build Them (Aprovecho)
Feral Forager (Wildroots) - [ scanned PDF with poor margins ]
From Knapping to Crapping - Running Riot through the Supermarket of Skills! (resource list from DOD) - [ imposed PDF  |  view text online ]
Gate Crashing Ploys (single sheet) - [ PDF  |  alternate ]
Go Light - thoughts on primal parenting and the wild child - issue #1
Guerilla Shit Composting (flyer) - [ PDF ]
Militant Gardening: A Guide to Urban Reclamation
Spirit Of Resistance - Black Mesa, AZ and more (travel story by Puck)

En Español

Ai Ferri Corti, Romper con esta realidad, sus defensores y sus falsos críticos - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading  |  MS Word doc ]
Cuestiones De Organizacion- 31 Tesis Insurreccionalistas - [ MS Word doc ]
El Placer Armado (Alfredo M. Bonanno / Ediciones Cuadernillos Incendiarios) - [ MS Word doc  |  cover PDF ]
La Tension Anarquista de Alfredo M. Bonanno
Libres y Salvajes - la diversidad insurreccional
Los Amigos de Ludd - Boletin de informacion anti-industrial - No. 2, 3, 4, 6.
Los Indeseables
Manifiesto Anticivilización: destruiremos nuestro infierno - [ read online ]
Recuerdos de Libertad (Memories Of Freedom) - [ PDF ]

Anti-school resources

Toward the Destruction Of Schooling (J.D. Matthews) - [ imposed PDF  |  read text online ]
Dropping Out - for high school students (Stef / CrimethInc) - [ imposed PDF ]

Some Posters

"Life Is Estatic Intercourse Between Destruction And Creation" - - [ PDF / or download GIF image]
"It is time once again to burn their forts to the ground" - [ PDF / or alternate design PDF / or another alternate PDF]
Children Of the Earth, Are You Listening? poster - [ PDF  |  higher resolution PDF ]
Biotechnology - the new answer to everything, from the people who brought you nuclear war - [ PDF ]
Schooling As Oppression (comics from Christian Angst- [ download 11x17" PDF ]
"Attention College Graduates" - [ PDF ]
Destroy All Judge - Destroy All Politician (from 325) - [ PDF ]
Live off the excess/exploit the loopholes (from 'Steal This Book') - [ PDF ]
A Guide to Surveillance Cameras / Mapping Surveillance Cameras (handouts by the SCP) - [ PDF ]

Other Available Titles

We may print and ship any of these titles to you upon request, but it will depend on our resources at the time that you ask.
Click here to see the extended list of Available Titles.

Ohlone Territory, Santa Cruz, California