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last updated: Summer 2006

The following list is a selection of pamphlets/zines/etc that we have in our archive, but for one reason or another are choosing not to actively distribute. If you are looking for our catalog/distribution list, go back to the main index page. Keep in mind that this is not a complete inventory, because it doesn't include all the titles from our primary distribution list.

If you'd like to help improve our collection, just look for the holes or missing issues and send stuff our way. We can xerox what you send us and mail it back to you without doing it harm. Or alternately, we could keep it and trade you a copy of anything you choose.

Publications & Journals

Abolishing The Borders From Below back issues: 6,8,9,11,12,13,15,16
ARSON #1 (Beating Hearts Press)
Black Badger (Lawrence Jarach's personal zine) - issues 1,2,3,4,5 & 7
Black Clad Messenger - Full Set
Disorderly Conduct full set (#1-6)
Face to Face With the Enemy - A Vancouver Anarchist Publication - Issue One, June 2004
Hack This Zine - notes from the hacker underground / issues #1 [PDF], #2 [PDF], #3 [PDF]
Harbinger (CrimethInc tabloid) 8.5x11 reprints of #1, 2 and 3; we still have some originals of #4.
Infiltration / issues: 1 - 25
Insurrection (Jean Weir's old magazine) #1-6 reprints
Moss on Urban Decay no. 2 and no. 3
Oppression Song #2 (by Aragorn)
Quick! #1 (from Toronto)
Resistance: Documents and Analyses Of the Illegal Front [#5 Winter 1983, #6 Fall 1983, #7 Spring 1984]
Species Traitor #1, #2, #3
The Poor, The Bad, And The Angry - A Magazine For Power-Hungry Proletarians - issues #1 & #2
The Storm: A Journal For Free Spirits no. 7 (1978) (photocopy)
Total Destruction - a straightedge fanzine against the ruling social order / issue 1 feb 2006
The Warrior Wind no. 1 [ PDF ]
Wildfire #1 (UK anti-civ bulliten) [ imposed PDF ]

General Theory:

The Abolition of Work (Bob Black)
Anarchism 101 by Bob Black
Anarchy & Nihilism: Consequences (by Aragorn)
Anti-Mass: Methods of Organization for Collectives
Away With All Cars (Mr. Social Control)
the Story of Black Mask & Up Against the Wall Motherfucker
Comments On Society Of The Spectacle (Guy Debord)
the Darkness Before the Dawn - interviews with John Zerzan, John Moore and Derrick Jensen
the Disgust of Daily Life (Kevin Tucker)
Enemy of the State: An Interview With John Zerzan by Derrick Jensen
For America to Live, Europe Must Die! (famous Russel Means speech)
Future Primitive (John Zerzan)
I, Claudia: Feminism Unveiled & Love Lies Bleeding
Industrial Society & It's Future: The Unabomber's Manifesto (F.C.)
Insurrectionary Ecology (anon, from the UK)
Life Under Death's Head - Anarchism and Piracy (reprinted from the book Woman Pirates)
A Map (Chellis Glendenning lecture)
Marriage and Love (Emma Goldman)
My Name Is Chellis & I'm In Recovery From Western Civilization (brief excerpt from the real book)
The Neo-Luddites and Lessons from the Luddites (Kirkpatrick Sale book reprint)
the Network For Asian Liberation - Writings from the Frontlines
Nihilism, Anarchy and the 21st century (Aragorn!)
the Nihilist Dictionary (John Zerzan)
On The Poverty of Student Life (Black & Red)
Our Enemy, Civilization: An Anthology Against Modernity (2nd edition)
Primal War (Black & Green)
Progress & Nuclear Power: The Destruction of the Continent and its Peoples (Fredy Perlman)
Rants, Essays, and Polemics of Feral Faun
Revolution Against The Megamachine (George Bradford AKA David Watson)
Rockets, Moonshots: an Anthology agains Urbanity
the Society of the Spectacle (pamphlet form, 2 different translations)
Some People Push Back (Ward Churchill, essay from On the Justice of Roosting Chickens)
Space Invaders - Rants about Radical Space
Space, Migration and Culture in the Age of Globalized Capitalism (by Sasha K, Michelle Something and Chris Kortright
State Fetishism and Reification - by Chris Kortright
Squat The World! - a pamphlet from 'Not Bored!' - [ html ]
Ten Theses on the Proliferation of Egocrats (Fredy Perlman)
The Rebel's New Clothes (Claudia)
Towards an Anarchist Theory of Race (by Aragorn)
TV Times: A Seven Day Guide to Killing Your TV
Uncivilized (anti-civ primer)
Ward Churchill Interview by Derrick Jensen
We all Live in Bhopal (David Watson)
You Can't Rent Your Way Out of A Social Relationship: A Critique of Rented Social Centers

Venomous Butterfly:

Abyss (by Encyclopedie des Nuisances) - [ imposed PDF ]
A Balanced Account of the World: A critical look at the scientific worldview (Wolfi Landstreicher) [ imposed PDF ]
A Manuscript Found in Vitoria (Los Incontrolados) [ imposed PDF ]
A Project Of Liberation - [ imposed PDF ]
A Surrounding For Us To Live Within - Notes on Industrial Society and its Ecology - [ imposed PDF / MS Word doc ]
Against the Engineering Of Life (Rene Riesel - VBP) - [ imposed PDF ]
Against The Legalization Of Occupied Spaces [ imposed PDF / MS Word doc ]
the Anarchist Subculture: A Critique
At the Center of the Volcano (Dominique Misein) - [ imposed PDF / MS Word doc ]
Barbarians: The Disordered Insurgence (Crisso and Odoteo - a critique of Empire by Hardt/Negri) - [ imposed PDF / MS Word doc ]
Barbaric Thoughts: On A Revolutionary Critique Of Civilization - [ imposed PDF / MS Word doc ]
Catastrophe Pending (Annie LeBrun)
The Current Faces of Misery: a proposal for discussion (W.L.) - [ imposed PDF / consecutive PDF / MS Word doc ]
Eternal War on the Hitler Youth (Edelweiss Pirates) [ read text ]
the Flowers of Harm no. 2
Futurist Attack manifestoes
Gynocracy Song (Annie LeBrun)
How Anarchist is the Platform? [ imposed PDF ]
In The Open Air - Notes on repression and related matters (by A friend of Ludd) - [ imposed PDF ]
Life As Totality - Challenges to Myself and Others (by Wolfi Landstreicher) - [ imposed PDF / MS Word doc ]
More, Much More and other writings by Massimo Passamani (VBP) - [ imposed PDF ]
Nature, C'est Moi - Some Thoughts on Biotechnology (by R.D.B.) - [ imposed PDF / MS Word doc ]
Neither Their War Nor Their Peace - [ MS Word doc ]
N'Drea: One Woman's Fight To Die Her Own Way (Andrea Dorea) - [ PDF for reading ]
Strangers Everywhere - About some anarchists arrested in Lecce and a world where no one can feel at home - [ imposed PDF / MS Word doc ]
What Have We Demonstrated?
What Is Society? - an egoist text against society [ imposed PDF ]
The Wildcat Roars in Italy - [ imposed PDF ]

Elephant Editions:

Anarchism and the National Liberation Struggle (Alfredo Bonanno)
Apart From the Obvious Exceptions (Alfredo Bonanno)
Armed Struggle In Italy 1976-78 (zine reprint)
Beyond the Baliclavas of South East Mexico
A Critique of Syndicalist Methods (Alfredo Bonanno)
Dissonances (Alfredo Bonanno)
For An Anti-Authoritarian Insurrectionist International
Fra Contadini: A Dialouge on Anarchy
From Riot to Insurrection (Alfredo Bonanno)
Let's Destroy Work Let's Destroy the Economy (Alfredo Bonanno)
Propulsive Utopia (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
Revolution, Violence, Antiauthoritarianism: A Few Notes (Alfredo M. Bonanno) - [ imposed PDF ]
the Struggle Against Facisim Begins WIth the Struggle Against Bolshevism (Otto Ruhle)
The Poverty Of Feminism (Dominique Karamazov)
Worker's Autonomy

Anti-State Communist:

Against Domestication (Jacques Camatte)
Anti-capitalism as Ideology and Movement (Aufheben/ Treason Press) - [ imposed PDF / consecutive PDF ]
Beasts Of Burden - capitalism, animals, and communism (Antagonism Press) - [ imposed PDF / A4 imposed PDF / review from DOD ]
Decadence: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? (Aufheben) - [ imposed PDF / PDF for reading ]
the Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement (Gilles Dauve & Francois Martin) - [ imposed PDF ]
Fascism/ Anti-Fascism (Jean Barrot)
For A World Without Moral Order - (La Banquise / Gilles Dauve)
Grey September (Gilles Dauve)
On Organization (Jaques Camatte)
The Phantom Known as Globalization (GegenStandpunkt) - [ imposed PDF / PDF for reading ]
The Reproduction of Daily Life (Fredy Perlman)
Unions (various authors, from prole.info)
To Work or Not to Work? Is that the Question? - [ imposed PDF ]
When Insurrections Die (Gilles Dauve) - [ imposed PDF / alternate imposed PDF ]
What Is Communism? (Gilles Dauve)
What Was the USSR? Toward A Theory of the Deformation of Value Under State Capitalism (Aufheben) - [ imposed PDF ]
Whither The World (Gilles Dauve & Karl Nesic / Treason Press) - [ imposed PDF ]

For more PDF's of Treason Press pamphlets, visit their website at treason.dyns.net.

Repression, Security, and Direct Action

we have much more in this general subject, not listed for various reasons. get in touch with us directly if you are interested.

Advanced Lockpicking Secrets
Against All Odds - Animal Liberation 1972-1986 - [ text-only PDF for reading
An Animal Liberation Primer, 2nd Edition (Compiled and edited by @nu)
Armed & Angry
the Art and Science of Billboard Improvement: 2nd edition
Electric Funeral (Havoc Mass)
For Your Eyes Only - covert communications for a modern era (A Butcher, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker)
Grand Jury Comix (SF National Lawyers Guild)
Health & Saftey For Activists (from BARHC)
How to Sink Whalers, Driftnetters, and other environmentally destructive ships
Improvised Lock Picks
Keep Fighting: Interviews with ALF Press Officers [ PDF of the text ]
Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla
Security Culture: A Handbook For Activists - [ imposed PDF / PDF for reading ]
The Nighttime Gardener's Guide - [ scanned PDF ]
Towards A Citizen's Militia

Social & Ecological Struggles, analysis and history

A Day Mournful and Overcast, by an "uncontrollable" from the Iron Column.
Armed Struggle In Italy 1976-78 (EE)
Behind the twenty-first century Intifada (Aufheben)
Behind the Baliclavas (DOD Reprint on visiting the Zapatistas)
Bring The War Home Vol. 1 - The Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground
Carry on Kabylia! Anti State Uprising in Algeria (DOD)
Class Recomposition In Argentina? (Aufheben)
Down With The Empire Up With the Spring; Part One - Recent Pre-History (from DOD #10) - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for reading ]
Horizontalidad en/in Argentina (bi-lingual edition)
International Intifada (Firestarter)
It's Not Books, Nor High Marks. What We Lack Is Life. - 2 documents from the 1998 student-teacher tumult in Greece (Firestarter) - [ imposed PDF ]
None Shall Escape - Radical perspectives in the Caribbean (by Fundi, Caribbean Situationist - reprinted by Firestarter)
Olive Drab Rebels / Harass the Brass - military organizing during the vietnam era (Firestarter) [ imposed PDF ]
Paris: May 1968 eyewitness account (Dark Star/Rebel Press)
Plan Puebla Panama - Battle Over the Future of Southern Mexico and Central America
The Politics of Anti-roads Struggle and the Struggle of Anti-roads Politics (Aufheben)
Provisional notes on the situation in Palestine and further afield
Que Se Vayan Todos: Argentina's Popular Rebellion (Kersplebedeb) - [ pdf ]
Stop That Train - The struggle against the high speed rail link in Susa Valley (Italy)
The Vancouver Five: Armed Struggle in Canada (by Jim Campbell) - [ scanned imposed 5.9mb PDF ]
The Decline And Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy - The Watts Riot, 1965 (SI / Firestarter) [ imposed PDF ]

North American Indigenous Resistance & Rebel Analysis

Colonization Is Always War (Zig-Zag)
4-20: Riotz Against the Summit, Quebec City April 20-22, 2001 (story and analysis, by Zig-Zag)
Goin' Coastal vol. 1 iss. 1 - May 04
Globalization: From Gunboats to the WTO (by Zig Zag)
Native Resistance to Canada (dated)
1995 Standoff At Ts'Peten - Zig Zag comix
The Gustafsen Lake Crisis - Statements from Ts' Peten Defenders
Victory - Issue No. 1, Spring-Summer 2002, Official Publication of Victoria Native Youth Movement
Warrior Comix - No. 1, Spring 2003 - Zig Zag
We Shall Live Again (Zig-Zag)
Zig Zag comix #1
ZIG-ZAG NewZ & Info - June 2001 / Issue No. 1

Prison Related

Against Prisons (by Cathrine Baker) - [ imposed PDF ]
Back From Hell - Black Power And Treason To Whiteness Inside Prison Walls (Lorenzo Komboa Ervin) - [ read text online ]
Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Locked Up - Mark Barnsley and 'The Pomona Incident'
Free Free Now
Heartcheck by Jeff Luers & Rob Los Ricos
In Total Resistance - Statements and Poetry from Leonard Peltier, Standing Deer, Bobby Gene Garcia and others
Italian Anarchists Under Attack (Berlin ABC, February 2006) - [ download PDF ]
Let's Get Free
Prison Abolition (by Yves Borquet)
Prisoner Correspondence Project - a listing of sociallly conscious prisoners seeking correspondence (Break The Chains, May '05)
Reflections on Women In Prison
They Will Never Get Us All! writings and poetry by anarchist prisoner Harold H. Thompson - *new edition!
Towards An Alliance of Flame In Each Indignant Heart (VBP) [ imposed PDF ]
We Are Attica - Interviews with Prisoners from Attica (Attica Defense Committee)
We Are Everywhere - Prisoners in the Northwest
Women & Imprisonment in the United States - History & Current Reality (Nancy Kurshan / Monkeywrench Press)

Unschooling / Youth Liberation

Education and Liberation vol. 1
Children for Breakfast: Notes on Youth Liberation
Code Of Student Resistance - Surviving, Escaping, and Unlearning School
Plastic Fork Rebellion! A journal for the liberation of youth and the abolition of school

DIY Guides

Anarchist Study Groups (a primer on starting one)
Aprovecho "Fish Camp" Rocket Stove plans
Aprovecho Journal, Fall 2003
Beneath The Concrete: A DIY Farming Zine (Sasha Scatter)
Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self Defense for the Modern Protestor - [ download PDF ]
Boxcar Sing Along - hobo songbook
the Complete Manual of Pirate Radio (Zeke Teflon)
Finding New Paths to Getting What We Want- ideas for spending less money and having more fun
the Ghetto Garden (2nd edition)
The Guerilla Greywater Girls Guide to Water (big legal-size version)
Guide to Urban Exploration
Health and Safety for Activists (by the Bay Area Radical Health Collective)
Hootenanny - radical campfire songbook / Rambler's edition
Hop Along With Me Song Book
How2 Zine no. 1 and no. 2
Liberate Space: A Squatters Handbook
Longwire's Communications Manual
Micropower Broadcasting - A Technical Primer
the Mouchot Cooker (DIY instructions)
Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider: A California Indian Feast (free reprint)
Seedhead issues 2,3,4,5
Steal- An Appeal To the Homeless
Survival Without Rent (urban squatting manual from NYC)
Tricks of the Tradeless - Interviews with the gainfully unemployed
Weed Lover no. 4, no. 5 ('water lover' special issue), no. 6
Who Feels It Knows It (Bobby Sullivan)
Wild Fermentation (Sandor Katz)


A Child's Guide To Nihilism (coloring book by Aragorn)
Colonizing The Seed: Genetic Engineering and Techno-Industrial Agriculture
Destroy All Monsters
Primordial Perfection - An Old Grown Forest Primer (CFD)
Realities Of Going Primitive (Brent Ladd) - [ read text online ]

Emotional Health, Sexual health, Community, Gender Subversion, etc

Beginners Guide to Responsible Sexuality
Girl~Boy / Boy~Girl #2
A Green Anarchist Project on Freedom and Love [ download PDF ]
Materia Medica for Women (reprint of a chapter from the book Herbal Healing for Women)
Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for responsible open relationships (Wendy-O Matik / zine bootleg of the book)
Taking Charge: Abortion and Your Options
Viva Voce: Some Thoughts on Women's Health and Sexuality
With Open Hands: A Handbook On Open Relationships

Personal & Travel Zines

Drugs & Daydreams (punk kids bike touring the west coast)
Firewood #1
Off The Map, original zine version
Reclaim, Rewild no. 1 [ consecutive PDF ]
Revolution is All of Us - Chiapas, 2001 (by Puck)
Shipwrecked (fron Denver)
The Traveller - A Collection Of Woman's Travel Stories

En Español

Contra la legalizacion de los espacios okupados (El Paso Occupato)
El Manifesto de Unabomber - "la sociedad industrial y su futuro" - [ imposed PDF  |  PDF for viewing ]
Etcetera - correspondencia de la guerra social - #38 / Junio 2004
Exceso no. 1 - (we only have a poor quality master of this.)
La Destruccion del Estado (Anonimo / Ediciones Cuadernillos Incendiarios)
La Brigada De La Colera (Ediciones Cuadernillos Incendiarios)
La economia de la abundancia en la sociedad indivisa / Pierre Clastres
Manifesto Anarquista Contra As Eleicoes
Primitivismo E Historia - Miguel Amoros (Ediciones Nomade)
Propuesta Para Una Manera Diferrente De Entender La Organizacion
Senales de Humo no. 1